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Jake Dugger

Water Tank Expert

AMPP Basic Coatings Inspector #81132

Jake is the field representative for Maguire in Nebraska and Iowa. He has been working in the Midwest since 2011 and is responsible for managing customers water storage tank maintenance and compliance, as well as, assisting with water quality management and winter weather freezing inside those towers. He has climbed and performed hundreds of inspections on towers and has been trained in OSHA regulations, State of Nebraska and Iowa regulations, and AWWA standards. He has given CEU training classes in multiple states, informing operators and city officials about the important issues regarding our potable water storage facilities and their maintenance. Jake was raised in Omaha and currently lives in the Elkhorn area with his wife Jessica and their three children; Declan, Adalyn, and Mackenzie. When he is not climbing and inspecting water towers, he enjoys pheasant hunting, playing golf, and coaching his kids’ athletic teams. Jake specializes in the following:

  • Water Tower Inspections
  • NACE certified coating inspector
  • OSHA Regulations
  • State of Nebraska and Iowa Regulations
  • AWWA Standards
  • Council Presentations
  • Customer Service

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