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Our priorities are different at Maguire. We believe that when you put relationships first, people and projects thrive. You will see it from your first interaction with our team and you will feel it throughout your entire experience.

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Beaver Creek, MN


At our core, we are about helping our customers store and protect quality water. In part, that means we work collaboratively with all stakeholders to deliver water storage tank solutions. But, there is also a significant human element ingrained into this process — it’s not simply about the physical water tank. It’s about creating infrastructure that delivers the most vital resource of life to people. That’s why we operate with the end user in mind and make sure we provide a better product for them.

Our business is also about our people and their interactions to deliver a project. That’s why our operations team centers around conversation and collaboration. They begin listening to each customer’s distinct needs and then our people are empowered to deliver a solution. Qualities like excellence, safety, integrity, passion, and family are at the foundation of a successful customer experience with us. Our processes define a consistent framework for these qualities to shine through.


We start our customer partnerships by getting to know each other better first. We take pride in sharing our expertise across the industry to help solve customer issues. Our water tank experts regularly present at industry tradeshows and conferences across the country, and we offer customized training to thousands of water professionals every year to help enhance their skills and maintain certifications. We get that earning trust takes time. We have spent over 100 years strengthening our reputation. We believe our team members are the best in the water tank industry, and we’re excited to prove it to you.


Solid communication is the key to any successful relationship. That’s why we listen to your needs first and partner with you to develop the right solution that works for you. Our process begins with listening to understand the current pain points with your water storage tank. Our experts then provide a comprehensive solution that balances all of the important factors you communicated to ensure the right scope of work is proposed and agreed upon. This collaboration and transparency are key to your experience.


While every water tank project is unique, we believe there should still be an underlying consistency in the way we work. We have to deliver accurate, creative solutions to the problems presented to us. To do this, we rely on an efficient, consistent process to perform fundamental tasks, so our teams can focus on solving the more complex project issues — those that set us apart. To us, quality is a prerequisite, not a differentiator. What makes us different is our ability to understand your needs and then work until we find the right solution.

Our experience in design, engineering, fabrication, and construction management services means you can count on us for every aspect of your project. We integrate our services and our teams to take your needs into account during every step of the project.


Our commitment doesn’t end the day your project is complete and your water tank begins delivering clean potable water. Our intent is to be engaged throughout the life of the water tank to help you keep it in like-new condition and stay in regulatory compliance. Water storage tanks are visible pieces of infrastructure, and we want to be there alongside you to ensure that your asset reflects your vision. That’s why we exist – a single-source, turnkey solution provider that bridges the gaps between design and construction, maintenance and performance, and compliance and piece-of-mind.

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